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Corporate Responsibility

A commitment to the things that matter

We believe that maintaining a high level of employee engagement is the key ingredient for responsible business. By focusing on people development, operational excellence and profitable growth, we're able to realize our vision of being a premier, trusted business partner and delivering the highest value to our customers​, suppliers and shareholders. A culture of engaged employees is our highest priority and supports our core values of integrity, customer service, accountability, teamwork and innovation.

Ensuring the future

We see environmental stewardship as a responsibility, consistently managing our carbon footprint and working to improve every community where we do business.

We've made energy reduction a priority. Although recognized for our efforts, we are still working to do more. Read Avnet's 2014 Carbon Footprint Analysis.

Ethics and transparency ​​

We see trust as the essential element that links everything in our company. We emphasize a comprehensive governance system that impacts all of our procedures and transactions—with ongoing training and audits to help ensure success.


Environmental Information

Avnet Abacus is committed to protecting the natural environment in the communities where it does business.

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Quality Information

As a distributor, Avnet Abacus operates Quality Management Systems which cover core business activities, such as Logistics, Value Added Services, and Assets Management.

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Conflict Minerals

As a distributor of electronic components, Avnet Abacus promotes the traceability of conflict minerals and the transparency of our supply chain.

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