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Avnet Electronics Marketing

Avnet Electronics Marketing is one of the world‘s largest technology marketing, distribution and services companies. In addition to offering a broad array of electronic components from leading manufacturers, Avnet also provides engineering design chain services combined with world-class supply chain services to its customers around the world. Truly focused on exceeding customers’ needs and expectations, Avnet is a company whose Ideas Never Rest.

Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA

Avnet EM EMEA is a dynamic and growing organisation whose structure is designed to ensure fast response to customer requests and high flexibility. Comprised of specialised business units – called ‘Speedboats’ – Avnet EM EMEA combines the best of both worlds: a focused customer and supplier strategy, together with efficient cross-company resources like logistics and supply chain management solutions. Other divisions Finance, Legal, IT and Communications act as service providers to each of the Speedboats as well as to the Avnet EM EMEA group as a whole.

Avnet EM EMEA Structure

Avnet EM EMEA operates in a very innovative way: the Speedboats are flexible and highly specialised business units that combine exceptional engineering and industry expertise with total customer satisfaction.

All Speedboats are pan-European and provide vast resources to respond rapidly to new market opportunities and changing customer needs. Avnet takes a solution-oriented approach to customer requirements – from design support in the early stages of a project to logistical and value-added services during production, supplemented by deep supply chain expertise. The Speedboats and support organisations work together to provide solutions and service excellence throughout the value chain.


We Are

Avnet Abacus is a European distributor of electronic components, focused on Interconnect, Passive, Electromechanical, Power & Battery products. We stock and distribute over 750,000 products from over 140 manufacturers.

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