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Designing the Input Filter Stage for Inverters and Drives

Inverters and and drives have become basic building blocks for many modern power applications. These applications must meet statutory and practical requirements for input EMI filtering and protection against injury to personnel and equipment

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Sensing for the Connected World

Sensors can be low-cost devices, but are used in vast numbers sustaining a multi-billion dollar global market, with worldwide sales of position sensors alone predicted to reach $8 billion by 2018.

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5 Things You Need to Know About SFP+ and QSFP

Demand from the communications industry for increased data rates and bandwidth has led to the development of new form factors for pluggable transceivers.

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Tackling Thermal Management in High Density LED Lighting Designs in Smart Buildings

High lumen density LED arrays are fast becoming the technology of choice for downlights and directional lighting in smart buildings. Addressing the thermal management challenge presented by these devices can be relatively simple.

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Smart Building 2.0 Boosts Advanced Sensor Development

Buildings are estimated to consume around 40% of all energy supplied by utilities. Much of this is wasted through poor control of heating and ventilation, and by lighting rooms or areas that are unoccupied or already illuminated by natural light.

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Power and Packaging Evolve for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the latest industrial revolution, is changing the way manufacturing organisations think about production.

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Circuit Protection is Vital for Long Lifetimes in LED Lighting

LEDs are widely touted as the perfect solution for lighting applications because, in theory at least, they last forever.What’s less frequently spoken about is that circuit protection can make or break the design.

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Interconnection Technologies Evolve for the Next Generation of Factory Automation Systems

Fast evolving concepts such as Industry 4.0, smart factories and the industrial Internet of Things are driving the technological revolution in the automated factory environment. A central tenet in this revolution is interconnectivity.

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LED Thermal Management: Is it me or is it getting hot in there?

It’s clear that LED technology is producing the proverbial ‘paradigm shift’ in the lighting industry, partially in debt to changing regulations that seek to enable greater energy efficiency in lighting applications.

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Supercapacitors: Making Transport More Efficient

Supercapacitors are very large capacitors that can store very large amounts of energy. Today, supercaps are widely used in transport applications.

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Power trends in transportation

Transportation covers a fairly broad field of endeavour these days, and a focus on energy efficiency is leading to a continuous stream of technology enhanceme

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