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Engineers' Insight from Avnet Abacus is designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry news, product innovation and current topics from the world of electronic components.

Designing the Input Filter Stage for Inverters and Drives

Inverters and and drives have become basic building blocks for many modern power applications. These applications must meet statutory and practical requirements for input EMI filtering and protection against injury to personnel and equipment

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When failure is not an option...

What is the most vulnerable component within an electronic design? Interconnect systems must survive harsh environments, and often repeated operator contact.

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Interconnect for Harsh Environments

Connectivity is a key determinant of overall system reliability – and in harsh environments even more so.

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Advanced Power Architectures Move into Industry

Keenly associated to the trend of greater computing power and complexity is another technology that is making a move into industrial from the communications field: that of advanced power architectures.

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How to Impose a Smoking Ban on Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are found in a vast number of applications due to their superior lifetimes compared to other battery types, but they have been in the news again recently for the wrong reasons.

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MEMS Sensors Ensure Vehicle Safety

The increasingly electronic nature of modern vehicles means that there are more automatic safety systems than ever before. These systems require accurate input about movement, from sensors, to trigger appropriate response.

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Digital Power Will Change Your Board

With modern electronic systems becoming more complex, demands on power systems are increasing rapidly. It’s now common for systems to incorporate more than one processor, FPGA or DSP - all with specific, conflicting power management requirements.

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Accurate Altitude Measurements Help Keep You Fit

How can MEMS pressure sensors help you keep fit? Well, they are now commonly being integrated into wearable activity monitors that help consumers track their daily activities and thereby monitor their fitness levels.

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Our Healthy Lifestyles are Growing the Market for Air Quality Sensors

A growing pre-occupation with leading healthier life styles means that many of us are becoming much more sensitive to the environment around us, and in particular air quality.

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A Quick Introduction to Wireless Charging

Battery charging without cables can add convenience, durability and safety to a number of different applications, but how does it work?

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Understanding Micro Switches and Hysteresis

The micro switch was invented over 80 years ago, and who knows how many billions of these and little components have been manufactured since, but there can hardly be a home or business premesis where you won't find at least one.

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