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Engineers' Insight from Avnet Abacus is designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry news, product innovation and current topics from the world of electronic components.

Designing the Input Filter Stage for Inverters and Drives

Inverters and and drives have become basic building blocks for many modern power applications. These applications must meet statutory and practical requirements for input EMI filtering and protection against injury to personnel and equipment

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Understanding ESR in Electrolytic Capacitors

Adam Chidley explains how component diversity has made selecting the best capacitors for power-related applications more complex than ever, and why taking independent advice makes sense.

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Selecting Fibre Optic Cables

Selecting the right cable and/or connector assembly for a fibre optic installation needn’t be complex, but it is important to understand the requirements of the environment and the application.


A Brief Guide to Calculating Heat Sink Requirements for LED Lighting

Thermal management is of critical importance in LED lighting systems. LEDs themselves give off heat when lit due to their own inefficiencies, and knock on effects of that heat can rapidly reduce the LEDs’ lifespan if it isn’t managed carefully.

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Choosing the Right Capacitor for Low Voltage Bypass Applications

Making the wrong choice of bypass capacitor can lead to such undesirable side effects as unnecessary power consumption, noise/EMI and reduced reliability, so it’s important to give some thought to the choice of device.

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Custom vs. Off-The-Shelf - Selecting the Right Enclosure for Your Design

You've finished your ATX motherboard design and are now looking for an enclosure, either for the prototype board, or the finished board as it enters production.What do you choose?

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IoT: Connecting the Future with Avnet Abacus [Infographic]

To give you a snapshot of IoT and what it could mean to technology and the industry, we've developed this useful infographic.

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Technology Breakthroughs Push Power Connectors Forward

Power connector manufacturers have not been resting on their laurels; they are constantly striving to invent new and better technologies that optimise, miniaturise and ruggedise plugs and receptacles for all kinds of applications.

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Deciphering Datasheets for Medical Power Supplies

Specifying medical power supplies can be particularly challenging because of the standards and jargon surrounding this application. This field is heavily regulated, but the regulations differ between territories, and compliance is strict.


Know Your MOPPS from Your MOOPS When Choosing a Medical Power Supply

Electrical safety regulations are extensive and complicated when it comes to medical appliances. Naturally this becomes a factor when choosing a suitable power supply.

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A Shortcut to Medical Compliance

There can be few power supply topics that have the potential to cause total confusion when you’re looking for an AC/DC power supply for medical equipment than the IEC 60601-1 regulations.

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