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Flexible FFC/FPC Connector Solutions from Hirose 

Hirose Electric has a wide product range of innovative FFC/FPC connectors that are suitable for a broad range of applications such as industrial control units, FA cameras, medical devices, security devices, car navigation, in-car cameras, point of sale machines and many more applications.

The product line-up features some of the lowest size profiles in the industry. The pitch sizes start as low as 0.2mm to 1mm to save space on the PCB. The lowest height profile is only 0.5mm to make use of the space above the connector.

Easy insertion and reliable connection with the FFC/FPC is achieved with the flip-lock versions. Back-flip versions are available to allow a higher FFC/FPC retention force. One-action locks allow automated insertion of the FFC/FPC to the connector.

Many other options are available such as high-speed, heat resistant, top or bottom contacts, halogen-free, side catchers and many more. 

Key Features

  • Wide variation of locking mechanisms to provide secure connections
  • Many different pitch sizes from 0.2mm – 1mm to suit various applications
  • High speed transmission options
  • Space saving designs



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