Batteries consist of one or more electrochemical cells externally connected to power electrical devices. Our portfolio covers primary and secondary cells from  leading battery manufactures, as well as custom designed battery packs an assemblies in all cell chemistries.

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Standard Lithium-Ion / Polymer Battery Packs

Avnet Abacus stocks a wide range of standard lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries from leading manufacturers. Both hard packs and soft packs are available with voltages from 3.7V to 36V, and capacities from 130mAh to 29Ah. All of our standard batteries are readily available with short lead-times and low MOQs, meet minimum approvals for shipping, and require no development or approval costs. 

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CoinPower® Rechargeable Lithium Button Cells

The new Coin Power Lithium Rechargeable Cells from VARTA Microbattery are small in size but deliver energy density in a big way. The range now features a 14mm cell.

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RRC1130 Rechargeable Litium-Ion Battery Pack

The RRC1130 is an off-the-shelf single cell pack with high-energy density in a compact design, suitable for hand-held devices in industrial and medical applications.

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SCC1130 5 Watt Desktop Battery Charger

This single bay desktop battery charger is for the RRC1130, and features an optimised charging process for RRC batteries, ensuring a longer life cycle.

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Design Trends: Batteries for IoT

The Internet of things is opening up a whole new sphere of applications for electronic systems and selecting the right batteries for these systems can be tricky.

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How to Impose a Smoking Ban on Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are found in a vast number of applications due to their superior lifetimes compared to other battery types, but they have been in the news again recently for the wrong reasons.

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What's Super about Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors are an alternative to using a battery or indeed the more common-or-garden variety of capacitor in many energy storage applications due to their many advantages.

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Battery Directive

Avnet Abacus operates in line with the Battery Directive, which regulates the manufacture, supply and disposal of batteries in the EU.

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