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Building and home automation involves the design and deployment of intelligent, networked systems to buildings across domestic, industrial, office and retail markets in areas such as lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), security and access control. Key products include sensors, wired and wireless connectivity solutions, power supply and backup systems, switches, relays, enclosures and lighting products. 

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Human Vision Components B5T-001001(G)

The HVC integrates Omron’s best in class image sensing technology along with a camera, processor, and external interface onto a single PCB, sized at 60 mm x 40 mm.

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Amphenol Advanced Sensors

T3000 Series Telaire CO2 Sensors

The T3000 series is a range of sensors designed to meet specific needs of customers who require measuring carbon dioxide in harsh or difficult environments.  

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Panasonic Electric Works

PaPIR Passive Infrared Motion Sensors

The unique design concept of the Panasonic PaPIR Motion sensor ranges from the production of the pyroelectric sensing devices to the internal signal processing.



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Tackling Thermal Management in High Density LED Lighting Designs in Smart Buildings

High lumen density LED arrays are fast becoming the technology of choice for downlights and directional lighting in smart buildings. Addressing the thermal management challenge presented by these devices can be relatively simple.

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Smart Building 2.0 Boosts Advanced Sensor Development

Buildings are estimated to consume around 40% of all energy supplied by utilities. Much of this is wasted through poor control of heating and ventilation, and by lighting rooms or areas that are unoccupied or already illuminated by natural light.

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Sensing for the Connected World

Sensors can be low-cost devices, but are used in vast numbers sustaining a multi-billion dollar global market, with worldwide sales of position sensors alone predicted to reach $8 billion by 2018.

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