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The exponential growth of connected devices across all markets is driving the demand for increasing bandwidth and reach of communications networks - while decreasing power consumption and space savings continue to drive innovation. The key products from our portfolio that are enabling the next generation of communications infrastructure include high speed connectors, fibre optic connectors and cable assemblies, power supply modules and wireless solutions. 

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Milli-Grid™ Single Row Connectors

Milli-Grid™ single-row connectors make wire-to-wire and wire-to-board signal configurations easy and cost-efficient for data communication, and other applications.


zSFP+ TempFlex 28 Gbps Cable Assemblies

zSFP+® TempFlex® 28Gbps cable assemblies deliver unparalleled signal integrity and shielding for next-generation Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. 

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Nano-Pitch Interconnect System, 42 Circuit

With industry-leading port density, multi-protocol application support , and high-bandwidth performance, the Nano-Pitch is redefining PCIe and SAS solutions.



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Advancing Standards in USB Technology

Back in April 2014, at the Intel Developers Forum in Shenzhen, China, the USB Type-C connector made its debut. Now commercially available, the new connector features a particularly significant technical advance.

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Maintaining Performance and Reliability with High-speed Connectors

Data and telecom equipment has had to evolve to address growth in data traffic, and nowhere are the challenges more apparent than at physical connector interfaces.

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5 Things You Need to Know About SFP+ and QSFP

Demand from the communications industry for increased data rates and bandwidth has led to the development of new form factors for pluggable transceivers.

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