Connectors are electro-mechanical devices used for joining electrical circuits. Our connector portfolio covers an extensive range of pin-outs and constructions, including custom assemblies which can be designed to meet your application needs.

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TE Connectivity

Dynamic Series Wire-Applied Connectors

TE Connectivity's Dynamic Series Wire-Applied series ranges from signal level circuitry to power circuit connectivity - all in a ruggedised, industrialised package.


Mega-Fit® Power Connectors

Mega-Fit® Power Connectors deliver cutting-edge current density at 23.0A per circuit, with terminals providing six independent contact points.


HR08D Series Circular Connectors

Hirose have introduced the HR08D circular range to meet with the requirement for robust waterproof connectors with high vibration resistance for industrial equipment.

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Power your designs with TE Connectivity and Avnet Abacus

Set in an industrial manufacturing environment, Power Park is an interactive selection tool designed to assist engineers in the selection of the most appropriate connectivity solutions for your applications.

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Advancing Standards in USB Technology

Back in April 2014, at the Intel Developers Forum in Shenzhen, China, the USB Type-C connector made its debut. Now commercially available, the new connector features a particularly significant technical advance.

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Maintaining Performance and Reliability with High-speed Connectors

Data and telecom equipment has had to evolve to address growth in data traffic, and nowhere are the challenges more apparent than at physical connector interfaces.

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Wearables: Creating Challenges & Opportunities for Connector Manufacturers

The Internet of Things is on everyone’s lips as the next wave of technology that will drive the electronics industry forward. Wearable technology is expected to be one of the big sectors in terms of volume of product in demand.

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We work with our manufacturers to supply production equipment designed and tested to ensure high quality electrical connections

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