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Electromechanical components are devices which use an electrical signal to create mechanical movement, or mechanical movement to create an electrical signal. Our portofolio includes potentiometers, relays, sensors, switches, thermal management products and more.

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Panasonic Electric Works

Low-Profile Latching-Type DW-HL Relay

With the new DW-HL relay, Panasonic launches a new power relay as a low-profile version of the tried-and-tested 16A latching type DW-H relay.


Sensor Network Module Evaluation Kit

The Sensor Network Module concept includes motion, communication and environmental sensors enclosed in an ultra-compact package. 

Panasonic Electric Works

PA-N Electromechanical Power Relay

The new PA-N relay is Panasonic's latest power relay for industrial applications. It is only 5mm wide, and fulfills the IEC (UL) standard effective since 1 April 2016. 



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Modern Electromechanical Relays Meet Today's Reliability Demands

Although they've been superseded in some applications by newer technologies such as solid state relays, electromechanical relays still have a lot to offer

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A Brief Guide to Calculating Heat Sink Requirements for LED Lighting

Thermal management is of critical importance in LED lighting systems. LEDs themselves give off heat when lit due to their own inefficiencies, and knock on effects of that heat can rapidly reduce the LEDs’ lifespan if it isn’t managed carefully.

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Accurate Altitude Measurements Help Keep You Fit

How can MEMS pressure sensors help you keep fit? Well, they are now commonly being integrated into wearable activity monitors that help consumers track their daily activities and thereby monitor their fitness levels.

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