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The Internet of Things is the connecting of objects, devices and machines to the internet to gather, analyse and intelligently act upon data, creating new applications for established technology. Our extensive portfolio of sensors, wireless modules, antennas, batteries, connectors, switches and passive components includes everything needed to add connectivity to next generation products and to develop entirely new applications to communicate with, sense and control IoT devices. 

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CoinPower® Rechargeable Lithium Button Cells

The new Coin Power Lithium Rechargeable Cells from VARTA Microbattery are small in size but deliver energy density in a big way. The range now features a 14mm cell.

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RHCP* and Helix SMT GPS (MID) Antennas

LDS-MID GPS antennas combine ease of integration with reduced cost of implementation over a variety of wireless navigation device applications.


Sensor Network Module Evaluation Kit

The Sensor Network Module concept includes motion, communication and environmental sensors enclosed in an ultra-compact package. 


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