Growth in the lighting market is driven by the adoption of LED lighting to increase lifetime, reduce energy consumption and enhance the ergonomics of lighting systems. Our extensive portfolio of LEDs, power supplies, thermal management, connectors, LED holders, cable assemblies and protection devices gives design engineers access to the latest technologies  from the industry's top manufacturers.

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TE Connectivity

ANSI C136.41 Rotatable Dimming Receptacle

TE Connectivity introduces a new fully rotatable dimming receptacle, providing connection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and a luminaire.

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Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-Board Connectors

Ideal for thin LED lighting-module applications,  Lite-Trap™ SMT wire-to-board connectors offer easy wire removability and low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles.

TE Connectivity

Modular Screwless Terminal Blocks

Modular screwless terminal blocks are a flexible and efficient solution with wires that are easy to replace in building equipment and lighting control applications. 


Components for Inverters and Drives

Explore Avnet Abacus' range of TDK and EPCOS components for variable frequency drive applications with the latest Building Blocks design tool.



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LED Thermal Management: Is it me or is it getting hot in there?

It’s clear that LED technology is producing the proverbial ‘paradigm shift’ in the lighting industry, partially in debt to changing regulations that seek to enable greater energy efficiency in lighting applications.

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Circuit Protection is Vital for Long Lifetimes in LED Lighting

LEDs are widely touted as the perfect solution for lighting applications because, in theory at least, they last forever.What’s less frequently spoken about is that circuit protection can make or break the design.

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Tackling Thermal Management in High Density LED Lighting Designs in Smart Buildings

High lumen density LED arrays are fast becoming the technology of choice for downlights and directional lighting in smart buildings. Addressing the thermal management challenge presented by these devices can be relatively simple.

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