We offer a broad range of Interconnect, Passive, Electromechanical, Power, and Battery components to address a wide range of end-user markets.



Passive components do not require power and will rely on electrical signal from the integrated circuit in which they are placed to operate. Our extensive portfolio consists of antennas, capacitors, circuit protection, magnetics, resistors and more.

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Connectors are electro-mechanical devices used for joining electrical circuits. Our connector portfolio covers an extensive range of pin-outs and constructions, including custom assemblies which can be designed to meet your application needs.

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Electromechanical components are devices which use an electrical signal to create mechanical movement, or mechanical movement to create an electrical signal. Our portofolio includes potentiometers, relays, sensors, switches, thermal management products and more.

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The primary function of power supplies is to convert one form of electrical energy to another in order to supply to an electrical load. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of AC-DC, DC-DC, DIN-rail, and LED power supplies, as well as discrete power conversion components.

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Batteries consist of one or more electrochemical cells externally connected to power electrical devices. Our portfolio covers primary and secondary cells from  leading battery manufactures, as well as custom designed battery packs an assemblies in all cell chemistries.



A sensor detects events or changes in its environment and provides a corresponding output, typically as an electrical or optical signal. Our extensive portfolio includes sensors suitable for a wide range of applications such as air quality, humidity, infrared, motion, temperature sensing.

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Defence &


Defence and Aerospace applications in systems such as avionics, communications, guidance and radar systems demand the best in performance and reliability from electronic components. Featuring products from the world's leading passive and interconnect suppliers, our portfolio includes military standard specification capacitors, resistors, connectors, switches and relays.

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Renewable energy involves designing products to generate energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, hydro and geothermal energy in the areas such as power, heating and transportation. Key components are selected for performance and lifetime within harsh environments and include batteries, power supplies, sensors, switches, relays, connectors and cable assemblies, and passive components.

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Internet of


The Internet of Things is the connecting of objects, devices and machines to the internet to gather, analyse and intelligently act upon data, creating new applications for established technology. Our extensive portfolio of sensors, wireless modules, antennas, batteries, connectors, switches and passive components includes everything needed to add connectivity to next generation products and to develop entirely new applications to communicate with, sense and control IoT devices. 

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The Transportation market includes trucks, buses and off-road vehicles in agriculture, construction, marine and industrial environments - where components must withstand variances in temperature and vibration while providing ingress protection from water and chemicals. Key products from our portfolio include sensors, passive components, switches, relays, connectors and cable assemblies providing high reliability in harsh environments. 

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Building & Home


Building and home automation involves the design and deployment of intelligent, networked systems to buildings across domestic, industrial, office and retail markets in areas such as lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), security and access control. Key products include sensors, wired and wireless connectivity solutions, power supply and backup systems, switches, relays, enclosures and lighting products. 

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The exponential growth of connected devices across all markets is driving the demand for increasing bandwidth and reach of communications networks - while decreasing power consumption and space savings continue to drive innovation. The key products from our portfolio that are enabling the next generation of communications infrastructure include high speed connectors, fibre optic connectors and cable assemblies, power supply modules and wireless solutions. 


Healthcare &


The Healthcare and Medical markets includes a wide range of applications: from portable medical electronics devices, to scanning and diagnostic equipment, to hospital equipment for patient monitoring and care. Key products from our portfolio designed specifically for the medical devices market include sensors, passive components, wireless solutions HMI products, connector and cable assemblies. 

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Growth in the lighting market is driven by the adoption of LED lighting to increase lifetime, reduce energy consumption and enhance the ergonomics of lighting systems. Our extensive portfolio of LEDs, power supplies, thermal management, connectors, LED holders, cable assemblies and protection devices gives design engineers access to the latest technologies  from the industry's top manufacturers.

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Industrial &


Industrial automation involves the design and installation of control systems and information technologies to replace human decision making and manual command of industrial production equipment. Increased connectivity and automation within the manufacturing industry are leading towards more productive, safe and efficient production systems. Our portfolio covers an extensive range of electromechanical, enclosure, connectivity, power, networking and control solutions for the most demanding industrial environments. 

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