Passive components do not require power and will rely on electrical signal from the integrated circuit in which they are placed to operate. Our extensive portfolio consists of antennas, capacitors, circuit protection, magnetics, resistors and more.

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GCB Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors

The GCB series of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC) supports conductive adhesives that can be used in environments with high temperatures exceeding 150°C.

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Wireless Charging Transmitter Coil/Shield

Vishay introduces its new wireless charging transmitter coil with high permeability shielding, high saturation powdered iron, and durable construction.

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CDDFN10-0516P TVS Diode Array

Bourns announces the new ESD protection product, the Model CDDFN10-0516P TVS diode array, for high-speed communication port applications.

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Components for Inverters and Drives

Explore Avnet Abacus' range of TDK and EPCOS components for variable frequency drive applications with the latest Building Blocks design tool.



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'Wet' vs. Polymer Aluminium Capacitors

Aluminium electrolytic and polymer wound aluminium electrolytic capacitors may seem similar at first glance, however the technologies offer very different performance characteristics.

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What's Super about Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors are an alternative to using a battery or indeed the more common-or-garden variety of capacitor in many energy storage applications due to their many advantages.

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A Quick Introduction to Wireless Charging

Battery charging without cables can add convenience, durability and safety to a number of different applications, but how does it work?

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