A sensor detects events or changes in its environment and provides a corresponding output, typically as an electrical or optical signal. Our extensive portfolio includes sensors suitable for a wide range of applications such as air quality, humidity, infrared, motion, temperature sensing.

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SCC2000 Combined Gyro Sensor and Accelerometer

The SCC2000 is a combined X-axis or Z-axis Gyroscope and 3-axis acceleromter with extensive diagnostics features and an SPI digital interface.


HSPPA Series Digital Pressure Sensor

The HSPPA digital pressure sensor features high sensing precision with ±0.7hPa absolute and ±0.05hPa relative pressure accuracy and industry-smallest dimensions.

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PaPIR Passive Infrared Motion Sensors

The unique design concept of the Panasonic PaPIR Motion sensor ranges from the production of the pyroelectric sensing devices to the internal signal processing.



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Accurate Altitude Measurements Help Keep You Fit

How can MEMS pressure sensors help you keep fit? Well, they are now commonly being integrated into wearable activity monitors that help consumers track their daily activities and thereby monitor their fitness levels.

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Our Healthy Lifestyles are Growing the Market for Air Quality Sensors

A growing pre-occupation with leading healthier life styles means that many of us are becoming much more sensitive to the environment around us, and in particular air quality.

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MEMS Sensors Ensure Vehicle Safety

The increasingly electronic nature of modern vehicles means that there are more automatic safety systems than ever before. These systems require accurate input about movement, from sensors, to trigger appropriate response.

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