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The Transportation market includes trucks, buses and off-road vehicles in agriculture, construction, marine and industrial environments - where components must withstand variances in temperature and vibration while providing ingress protection from water and chemicals. Key products from our portfolio include sensors, passive components, switches, relays, connectors and cable assemblies providing high reliability in harsh environments. 

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ML-XT™ Sealed Connection System

The rugged ML-XT™ connection system with market-leading high-performance seal technology offers superior reliability in harsh environments.


KSC Series Sealed Tact Switch

C&K has enhanced its controls on the critical parameters of the switch contact system components for specific families of its KSC and KMT0 series.

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SCA61T MEMS Inclinometers

The SCA61T is suitable for heavy duty vehicle applications such as excavation equipment, where the sensor can be used to determine excavation scoop position.



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MEMS Sensors Ensure Vehicle Safety

The increasingly electronic nature of modern vehicles means that there are more automatic safety systems than ever before. These systems require accurate input about movement, from sensors, to trigger appropriate response.

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Power trends in transportation

Transportation covers a fairly broad field of endeavour these days, and a focus on energy efficiency is leading to a continuous stream of technology enhanceme

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Supercapacitors: Making Transport More Efficient

Supercapacitors are very large capacitors that can store very large amounts of energy. Today, supercaps are widely used in transport applications.

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