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Nano-Pitch I/O™ Interconnect System, 42 Circuit

With industry-leading port density, multi-protocol application support , and high-bandwidth performance, the Nano-Pitch I/O Interconnect System is redefining PCIe and SAS solutions within the storage industry, as well as in broader markets, including mobile and enterprise.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible pinout concept (continuous Ground-Signal-Signal-Ground) optimized for high-speed applications
  • Multi-protocol solution that adheres to a variety of industry standards
  • Extremely small form factor design: 5.00mm H by 15.00mm W by 9.00mm D and a 12.00mm mated connector-to-cable assembly height
  • Staggered, reliable and constant dual-row contact configuration
  • Versatile metal shell housing
  • Vertical and right-angle PCB mounting options
  • Mezzanine and parallel solutions available
  • Maximizes the number of high-speed lanes within the lengths provided. Four-lane (42ckt) available per industry standard and flexibility to design for 5x and 6x.
  • Complies with: T10/Serial Attached SCSI (12 Gbps SAS-G3) with roadmap to 24 Gbps SAS-G4; SFF Committee/SFF-8611; Free Cable/SFF-8612 Fixed  Connector/Universal Pinout/SFF-9400; PCIe OCuLink Gen 3 8 GT/s and Gen 4 16 GT/s
  • Enables high speed and high bandwidth in a small form factor I/O connector. Services mobile devices through enterprise applications
  • Allows for hot pluggability: the ability to add components without having to shut down the system. Provides optimal routing for high-speed trace connections while minimizing the need for PCB real estate
  • Provides an internal or external solution, with a low mated height that fits within the maximum component height of PCIe add-in cards. Cable-side passive or active latching options available
  • Enables internal and external system design flexibility with surface-mount and intrusive reflow options available
  • Provides industry-leading application flexibility across almost any arrangement of boards within a system



  • Storage Systems
    • Data Center and Enterprise Storage Systems
    • Storage Racks
    • JBODs
    • Storage Controllers
    • HBA (Host Bus Adapter) Servers
    • RAIDS (Redundant Array of Individual Disks)
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Hubs
    • Servers
    • Switches
    • Routers

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