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Lite-Trap™ SMT wire-to-board Connectors

Ideal for thin LED lighting-module applications, Molex’s Lite-Trap™ SMT wire-to-board connectors offer easy wire removability and low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles for reduced shadowing.

Features and Benefits 

  • Low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles provide reduced shadowing effects for LED applications
  • User-friendly push-button latch Ensures easy wire extraction
  • Low wire insertion and high wire retention forces
  • Wire stopper feature
  • Enables easy wire insertion; provides secure contact retention
  • Facilitates correct wire insertion depth placement
  • Long wire insulation design Provides stable wire placement for additional contact assurance
  • Compact industry-standard PCB pattern layout
  • Dual-contact gate-style terminal design
  • Saves space and is drop-in compatible with certain competitive products
  • Provides secure electrical contact and high wire retention force



  • Lighting
    • Down Light
    • Strip Light
  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Any application requiring an easy-to-use wire insertion/extraction method



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