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Memory Card Combo Connectors

Space-saving stacking-type memory card combo connectors combine two formats in a single unit for easy memory card access and removal to meet various mobile application needs.

Features and Benefits 

  • Compact size with small footprint and low profile height
  • Free insertion and withdrawal of microSD card
  • Anti-stubbing contact terminal design
  • Pull-Lever and Push-Pull card eject options
  • Multiple PCB hold-down points (SMT and Through-hole)
  • Card polarization features
  • Anti-card-sticking design
  • Provides optimum PCB real estate and vertical space savings
  • Eliminates the need to turn off power or remove battery
  • Prevents contact stubbing and ensures smooth insertion and withdrawal of card
  • Meet various design needs
  • Assure secure PCB retention
  • Prevents microSD card from being stuck in case of wrong insertion into micro SIM slot
  • Prevent incorrect insertion of card


Mobile Equipment

  • Smart Phones
  • Tablet PCs




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