zSFP+® TempFlex® 28 Gbps Cable Assembly 

Delivering unparalleled signal integrity with superior shielding for next-generation Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications, zSFP+® TempFlex® 28 Gbps Cable Assemblies provides significant insertion loss improvement and cost efficiencies.

Features and Benefits 

  • TempFlex® cable technology
  • Enhanced shielding compared to standard cable
  • Designed for automated termination process
  • Meets new IEEE 802.3bj industry requirements
  • Backwards compatibility with SFP+ I/O ports
  • Provides significant insertion loss improvement without OD penalty. Boosts cost efficiencies through
  • a vertically-integrated supply chain
  • Improves cross-talk performance and signal integrity
  • Improves production efficiency to maximize cost competitiveness
  • Guarantees reliability in 28 Gbps systems. Functions across a wide variety of next-generation technologies and applications
  • Enables utility of legacy 10 Gbps Ethernet and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel systems​


  • Telecommunication and Datacommunication Equipment
    • Switches, routers, hubs
    • Central office, cellular infrastructure
    • and multi-platform service systems
    • (DSL, Cable Data)
    • Storage



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