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STRADA Whisper Connectors

The STRADA Whisper product family operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew—all of which provide system architects with design flexibility and high design margin. Specific versions are available for 100-Ohm and 85-Ohm applications so you don’t have to compromise on impedance discontinuities.

Mechanically, the STRADA Whisper connector family mirrors most high-speed backplane connectors in the market for easy implementation. It differentiates itself through folded signal pins surrounded by strong, protective C-shaped shields, which make the product family one of the most robust offerings in the market. Additionally, the connector footprint keeps crosstalk down and the overall connector design uses latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Sum FEXT is lower than -50 dB for system implementation at 12.5 GHz
  • Insertion loss is less than 1dB and linear up to 20 GHz
  • Individual shielded pairs off er excellent signal integrity / EMI performance
  • Little to no skew through high-speed diff erential pairs
  • Common mode impedance controlled throughout the connector, including footprint and mating interface
  • Superior 25-Gbps electrical performance maintained even in a 1.5mm unmated condition
  • No reliance on noise cancellation, unlike some competitive products, which can be critical in high-speed applications
  • 85-Ohm and 100-Ohm versions available


  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Routers
  • Base stations
  • Satellite relays

STRADA Whisper Direct Plug Orthogonal Connectors

The new STRADA Whisper direct plug orthogonal (DPO) connector helps designers eliminate midplane connectivity, reduce costs and improve airflow in switches, servers, base stations and other types of communications equipment. STRADA Whisper DPO connectors are an extension of TE’s STRADA Whisper backplane connector family. Developed for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems, the STRADA Whisper family employs a revolutionary design that transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 Gbps and offers unparalleled scalability up to 56 Gbps (PAM4 and NRZ), allowing engineers to achieve efficient future system upgrades without costly backplane or midplane redesigns.

Features and Benefits

  • Support 56 Gbps (PAM4 and NRZ) with best-in-class electrical performance
  • Connect existing STRADA Whisper Pair in Row (PiR) receptacles to Pair in Column (PiC) receptacles with worry free alignment and installation
  • Provide mechanical robustness ideal for DPO mechanical challenges with ground shielding design
  • Reduce signal integrity performance issues and maintain electrical performance even when the connector is not fully mated
  • Increase system bandwidth and allow for highest card and system density with a unique rectangular design



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