T3000 Series Telaire Range of CO2 Sensors

The T3000 series is a range of sensors designed to meet specific needs of customers who require measuring Carbon Dioxide in harsh or difficult environments.  Based on a series of modules the casing offers a number of combinations to meet the needs or range, supply voltage, and output type in a range of applications.  Example applications include incubators, buses, refrigerators, subway stations, and railway carriages.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate carbon dioxide transmitter for HVAC control applications
  • Easy mount with 2 external tabs.
  • Rated up to IP67 (build dependent)
  • Available with potting
  • Different calibrations available up to 20% CO2 concentration
  • Analogue or digital output options
  • Non-Dispersive Infra-Red Measuring technology
  • Sensors are shipped factory calibrated
  • Accuracy for 10 year life
  • Extended operating temperature range

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