4300 N Fan Series

In times of downsizing and efficiency increases in nearly all fields, demands on space, power and efficiency are constantly increasing. This also applies for our fans, which is why the 4300 is being replaced by a completely redesigned 4300 N.

The new 4300 N fan series (119 x 119 x 32 mm) satisfies these increased requirements precisely. With innovative winglets and aerodynamic guide vanes, its efficiency has been increased while reducing its operating noise. In addition, with two additional types, both the performance range and the performance level were increased.

Features and Benefits

  • Speed signal
  • Go / No-go alarm
  • Alarm with speed limit
  • External/internal temperature sensor
  • PWM/analog control input
  • Moisture protection
  • Salt spray protection
  • Degree of protection: IP 54/68

4300 N Specifications

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