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Assessment & Planning

Understanding your supply chain is vital to enabling success. Avnet Abacus specialists analyse every aspect of a customer’s operation; defining its requirements and identifying solutions that streamline the supply chain processes.

Logistical Analysis

Avnet Abacus specialists use proprietary tools to benchmark operations against best practices in the industry:

  • Discovery & Logistical analysis process performs in-depth process mapping and analysis of a customer’s material management needs. During this process, Avnet Abacus specialists help identify areas in the supply chain management process that can benefit from speed and simplification.
  • RaBET (Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool) is a software program that uses specific cost information or industry standards to estimate and compare costs before and after implementation of the Avnet Abacus-recommended solutions.
  • Safe Passage® is a detailed collection of project milestones needed to support the successful and timely implementation of the chosen FACT®-based service.


Supply Chain


Maximise your supply chain and keep your products in the market longer, without disrupting production or supplies with Avnet Abacus' comprehensive supply chain portfolio and global scale.