InPlant or OutPlant Stores

InPlant stores are one facet of the just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing model used by many customers. The stores, located on customer production facilities, are manned by Avnet personnel and stocked with Avnet franchised components used by that customer. Avnet will also manage non-franchised parts for in-plant store customers. The Avnet store manager is responsible for purchasing, transferring inventory into the store, warehousing, releasing and invoicing the parts. All parts at that site are owned by Avnet until the customer sends a signal (typically electronic) that parts are needed for consumption. Once that signal has been sent, Avnet releases the parts to the customer, and bills the customer for the components consumed. Another electronic signal is then sent to replenish the stock.

When an agreement is finalised for an InPlant Store, the following benefits can be quickly realised:

  • On-site Inventory with your inventory cost exposure initiated at moment of transfer at point of use, Avnet SCS owns the inventory until release.
  • On-site quoting and procurement support
  • Inventory based on MRP or forecast
  • Receiving inspection performed by Avnet SCS
  • Avnet SCS absorbs freight costs
  • ESD Certification
  • Inventory rotation as appropriate for product type
  • Supply base consolidation

Inventory Management

& Warehousing

Avnet offers many services geared toward customers that need options based on production volume, global scale and overall cost. Our core services enable customers flexibility in complex supply chain needs.

  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • InPlant or OutPlant stores
  • Inventory & Order Visibility
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Obsolescence Services
  • Vendor Managed Inventory / Consignment

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