Inventory Replenishment

Avnet’s Point-of-Use Replenishment (POURS) program is a family of solutions that implements auto-replenishment processes and shares a common user interface. Using POURS software, customers are able to replenish their components pipeline to ensure the continued flow of parts on the manufacturing floor.

Avnet’s innovative Point-of-Use Replenishment System (POURS) is a web-based turnkey solution for customers who want to use bar code scanning as a trigger for efficient replenishment. This highly automated and proven solution works perfectly in JIT/Kanban, Consignment, and VMI scenarios where speed and simplicity are crucial for a streamlined fulfillment process of material replenishment.

Avnet has released a free POURS app allowing customers to approve orders, track shipments or accommodate exclusions.


Inventory Management

& Warehousing

Avnet offers many services geared toward customers that need options based on production volume, global scale and overall cost. Our core services enable customers flexibility in complex supply chain needs.

  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • InPlant or OutPlant stores
  • Inventory & Order Visibility
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Obsolescence Services
  • Vendor Managed Inventory / Consignment

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